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About Us

We are a locally owned and operated mom & pop shop!

Our goal is to provide our community with fun options for all their holidays and events. We are your one stop shop for fun!


Party Central has been located at 105 East Main in downtown Sidney since February 2007 after being relocated from the Yellowstone Merchantile basement. The Main Street Popcorn Factory has been the second half of our business after purchasing the business from its location on the truck route and moving it here with our party goods in May of 2011.


Pop on over, the family fun begins behind our magenta pink door!


Dana Moos

Has been the owner since the doors opened! 

She has had a flair for everything creative since she was in high school. Her art skills included sewing, creating sculptures, pottery, drawing, and painting. These skills allowed her to have her own crafting business in the early 1990s where she traveled all across Montana and North Dakota to sell her original designs.

Her management opportunities began in Bozeman, MT in her teens as she worked in a meat shop and other department stores, including fashion and toys. She even helped run an ice cream parlor with her dad in Southern California in the early 1980s as well before moving to Sidney to marry a blind date in 1983.

After raising two kids who were part of 4-H, church youth group, sports, and theater, she had the opportunity to buy out Party Central from the basement of the Yellowstone Merchantile when the owners realized how well she managed the department. Her many years of event planning for her church and children have lead her to be successful in this small business.


Cassandra Moos

Yes, the daughter of Dana Moos. However, she is a K-12 school teacher in a nearby community and spends her weekends and summers helping manage
the store.

She has a B.S. in Art Education and in 2021 finished her Masters of Art Education. Her minors include journalism and graphic design but also has a B.S. in writing as well. Along with her degrees, she has 3.5 years of in-the-field marketing experience. So, if you're needing help with anything fun, colorful, or eventful, she is qualified to give you sound advice for your party or event.

She grew up in Sidney and only left to attend Dickinson State University to obtain her degrees. She is as local as it gets!

Mailing Address

PO BOX 904

Sidney, MT  59270

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