Frequently Asked Questions!

With a fun and diverse shop like ours, there are always a handful of questions one asks. Below are some of the questions we get asked on a regular bases and the answers we give our customers!


Do you rent or sell tuxedos?

We do both. Our primary focus is to rent out tuxedos and suits, but we do have an option of suits you can purchase too.

Do you do measurements?

Yes, we gladly do  measurements for men if it's for a Jim's Formalwear  vendor.

My son is going to multiple proms, should I buy a suite or tuxedo to save money?

Teenage boys grow...and grow..and then sometimes grow some more while they are in high school. Even when you think they are done growing, they may grow some more.


If you know your son will use the tuxedo for several proms in one year and wear it to other school, sport, church, or extra curricular functions, then it may be worth your while.


Though with our experiences of parents purchasing suites or tuxedos for their boys while they are in high school, they usually have to purchase another one the following year. So, by the time you purchase a suite and rent the vest and tie they need to match their date's dress, it would be cheaper to rent one each year rather than having to buy a new one each year. 

If you feel that purchasing a tuxedo might be the right option for you and your family, please talk to us, we DO HAVE TUXEDO purchasing options!

Do you do measurements for women?

We are formally trained in male formalwear, but not in women's; therefore, we do not do measurements for women. Sorry!


Can we custom order a flavor or color of popcorn?

Yes, you can custom order any flavor you would like and ask for special colors. If they are a combination we do not normally carry or sell, you will have to purchase the entire batch of popcorn rather than just a bag of it. This is a great option for large events like weddings!

Why don't you sell your popcorn and supplies online?

Trust us, we would LOVE to sell our popcorn and supplies online; however, we are a SMALL mom and pop shop and after the oil boom went away we have found it hard to find the amount of employees we need to sustain an online business. We'd LOVE to offer online purchases but we know we wouldn't be able to give you, our valued customer, the best customer service and attention that you need and deserve.


Do you have white elephant gifts?

We have a ton of fun crazy things that would work for white elephant gifts! We even have white elephant gift bags!


Are you hiring?

Currently we are not in need of any additional workers; however, feel free to drop off or leave a detailed resume with us for future opportunities!


Otherwise check out Sidney Job Service! .

Do you ship?

We can ship our popcorn and other supplies to you!

Talk to us about what you're needing and where it needs to ship. Though, we do recommend that candied popcorn doesn't get shipped during the summer in high heat otherwise it tends to be hard as a brick when
it arrives.


Do you have balloons?

We do and we have thousands of options to choose from! We have foil and latex balloon options for any occasion.

Do you rent or sell
helium tanks?

We do not rent or sell our helium, BUT we are sure we can help you with your balloon questions or needs!

I bought balloons online, can you fill them for me?

We have been having troubles getting helium from our supplier. Until we can get a reliable source we are no longer accepting outside balloons. We have plenty of options in our store to offer you.

I have latex allergies, do you have any balloon options for me?

Absolutely! We are becoming more aware of the severe allergies to latex that people have and we carry affordable foil balloon options that can make some fun and SAFE bouquet options for you.

Thank You for your business and support!

When you shop with us, you help support other businesses and organizations in our area!

We support:

  • Area Schools (Sidney, Fairview, Savage, and etc.)

  • Richland County Boys and Girls Club

  • Sunrise Pregnacy Center

  • Relay for Life

I don't want to order balloons online, can I order specific balloons for my event from you?

Yes, we can order balloons to meet your needs. We need about a month or more before your event to coordinate with our companies to make sure that we can get what you need and have them arrive on time. If you have a creative idea or unique theme, please, come talk to us so we can help you! We can even help build and create sculptures for events too!

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